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Private lessons

Private lessons are a great  to improve faster. It’s just a matter of how much you prioritize your training, and how much money you want to invest but they are absolutely worth it. If you are thinking about giving private lessons a try, here are some quick and helpful facts to consider.

Booking a private lesson gets you more time with the instructor to ask questions, practice techniques, train and most importantly learn. You can use this time to work on exactly what you need to know for a technique, position, or hole in their game. A private lesson is tailored to the needs of the student while providing direct one-on-one help. They allow you to address very specific aspects of your game that work best for your natural strengths and body type

Benefits of private lessons:

  1. Individual attention from your instructor
  2. Customisable help
  3. Learn as much details as needed for quicker road towards your goals
  4. Flexible schedule
  5. Sparring time with your coach

Private lessons are available for practitioners of all levels, including those who haven’t trained before (members and non-members).  

To book check the "Private Training" tab on our schedule or enquire with our staff to know more about it.

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Query about classes

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