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Muay Thai

Muay Thai Technique

This is a pad work class designed for those learning Muay Thai. This class focuses on technique and is slow-paced. You will not only learn kicks and punches but also will learn how to throw elbows, push kicks and do clinch work in your workouts. This class is perfect for those returning/new to exercise.

Muay Thai

Pad work training is designed for those who have progressed from the technique class. This is an insane workout that not only uses kicks and punches but also incorporates elbows, push kicks and clinch work. We have some spicy new training up our sleeve that will get your heart rate going, enhance and develop your Muay Thai skills in a space with great music, great people and an electric atmosphere.
July Holiday Program Book Now

July Holiday Program Book Now

The first week of the July school holidays (3rd, 4th & 5th July), book your children (ages 6-11 years old) into the Striking & Grappling Holiday Program. No experience required. Session times 930am-1230pm at The Combat Centre. The holiday program is a fundraiser for The Combat Centre Jiu Jitsu team heading to Las Vegas in August, we are trying out very best to get the team of 9 kids and coaches there! So come along and allow your your child to experience Boxing, Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing, Wrestling and Taekwondo. We have a very special guest coach for grappling....Introducing

YiXiao, He is the youngest purple belt in NZ. 8 times NZ grappler national champs. Pan Pacific kids champ. Bronze for Pan America kids. 2 time NZ ADCC professionals division champs. Stealth absolute experts champ. Nagas north American nogi experts champ, nagas Gi purple belt champ ?.

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