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Jordan Stone

Jordan Stone photo Jordan Stone
  • Blue Belt

I’ve spent my whole life around competitive sport and knew I wanted to pursue working with athletes for as long as I can remember. I played lacrosse all the way through university and since graduation have been a strength and conditioning coach. I was never the gifted athlete who had everything come naturally to them. In fact, I’ve had plenty of failures throughout my career. I was however, always one of the strongest willed and hardest workers. I am an individual that’s stubborn, if I commit to a goal I am absolutely relentless in the pursuit until the job is done. My personal success came from putting in extra time and effort. The correlation between effort and success is what made me fall in love with S&C and BJJ. I’ve really hit my stride in coaching with combining my love of the two since moving here to NZ in March. As a coach I have a real passion for helping athletes who have drive but just are missing the tools to reach their potential. As an athlete I had to clumsily stumble my way trying to navigate the higher levels of sport, and now I educate myself as much as possible to save athletes from the many pitfalls I fell into. I’m consistently researching and testing new gym protocols, and watching BJJ seminars to try and be the best coach I can be. TCC has been a dream come true getting to work with a huge swath of athletes from kids in the BJJ program to my first ever professional athlete (@maccajean). I have been inspired by our community. I pour myself into my crafts, so as I’ve invested more into our program the more I feel people have been giving back to me raising the bar for us all.

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