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Adam Halliday

Adam Halliday photo Adam Halliday
  • Purple Belt

Why I coach The kids:

Being the TCCs Kids Coach is an absolute honour, and I'm truly thrilled to be able to make a positive impact on these kids' lives through my work.

My top priority is looking out for these kids' mental and physical well-being. In today's world of screens, isolation, lock downs and poor diets It's super important to keep our youngsters fit and healthy. BJJ not only helps them stay in shape but also fosters friendships based on their shared love for the sport.

It encourages them to set and reach their goals, whether it's mastering new moves or getting ready for a competition. One of the most heart-warming things is seeing how these young athletes support and bond with each other on competition days.

Working with kids is incredibly rewarding. I love watching them improve in terms of mental toughness, strength, flexibility, body awareness, and self-confidence. Seeing them grow within our team and find a true sense of community in the sport, as they move through different age groups and programs, is truly fulfilling.

What Students Can Look Forward to in My Classes:

I'm a big advocate for a positive, technique-focused approach to BJJ. In my view, there's nothing more satisfying than pulling off a perfect technique to beat a bigger or stronger opponent. To me, BJJ is an art, and this style celebrates the finesse and precision of technique over raw power.

For beginners, my classes provide a solid foundation in BJJ, giving them the essential techniques and concepts to kickstart their BJJ journey. For the more experienced students, they can expect a fun and engaging learning atmosphere. I will encourage them to compete in tournaments and offer a wide range of techniques to level up their skills and enhance their gameplay.

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